Youtube’s Pickup Artists

Many of you know Dean as “Furious” from the uber popular channel “AtheneWins.” Here’s what you didn’t know: Dean spent two years living life as top notch Pick Up Artist. DEAN’S CHANNEL LINKS: ===== 2nd CHANNEL – BARTENDING CHANNEL – GOOGLE PLUS: FACEBOOK TWITTER T-SHIRT:

Another night on the town and the crew challenges me to pickup a girl using the pickup line of their choice. Thing got ugly! Thank you Tonya for being such a great sport and filming the closing for me ;-) My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: ‪ Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type “DeStorm” My Facebook: ‪ Twitter: ‪ Send mail to: DeStorm Power PO Box 964 North Hollywood, CA 91603 The Pickup Artist The Pickup Artist The Pickup Artist


47 thoughts on “Youtube’s Pickup Artists

  1. Because they’re funny. He’s not being serious. He has stated very clearly that his ‘gangsta’ personality requires a camera, or girls will bail. But I hope you can make the mental step between serious and not serious, the ‘OGFurious’ personality probably isn’t his actual game.

  2. Don’t get why people like his so called pickup video’s.
    Who’s to say that he hasn’t tried 30 other girls and fail miserably. The one that stays is probably more curious about the camera and why the fuck that belgium guy is talking like a “gangsta”.
    His video’s only show him getting the attention for the girls but don’t show what’s next.

  3. This guy fucking uses Terms like Grinding and Farming from World of Warcraft and applies that shit to real life lol epic.

  4. Btw, the background story: I was in a college bookstore and looking for a book, I started singing Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy”, the line “Imma a model and you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk…”
    Some girl behind me started giggling. I had no idea she was there.
    3 days later, I’m pounding it in her bed.

  5. Here’s one I learned by pure accident: start singing a song (a popular song she would have to know) and turn around and act surprised that she was standing there listening to you. Smile and say, “So what do you think, my singing’s pretty good, huh?”
    She will laugh. She might say, “Oh, sure!” Say, “I just had that song stuck in my head.”
    Work from there. Say an opinion on music “I only like one of Lady Gaga’s songs, what about you?”
    Be BOLD. Say she’s cute. Ask for the digits bec “I gotta go.”

  6. DeStorm what u should do is ask a person out with this in the next party
    Gurl is ur name madusa cause when u look at me im as hard as stone then just do a gay laugh

  7. Should have said:
    Everytime i look at you
    I feel butterflies in my stomach
    But don’t worry
    The acid in my stomach burns them alive.

  8. Your dad ever catch you having sex with your brother, then anally rape both of you to teach you both a lesson? Me neither.

  9. well i cant remember what i said and am too busy to search but watever i dont care anymore this was prob 4 months ago or sumthing

  10. That was why he picked to ask her -.- ”You look like my sister” and if she would be white would make no sense since hes black. Aslong as your not adopted but then its techniqly (spelling) not your sister.

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