World’s worst pick-up line

Is this the worlds most awkward pick up artist? Share and like if you agree Checkpoint on Facebook: Checkpoint on Twitter: http://bit….
Video Rating: 4 / 5


23 thoughts on “World’s worst pick-up line

  1. full credit to him to get up and approach people like that, some people have real issues with this, but the delivery of that line was hilarously bad.

  2. Wtf if this video wasent fake i would feel sooo sooo bad for dayn. U dont tell a girl u would rape her that would scare da fuq outta her

  3. But if ur flirty/teasing her throughout ur whole conversation & ur constantly smiling@her & after said that you would rape her with a smile on ur face. She wouldnt feel  Depends how U say it & how U connected with her in ur conversation.

  4. Whenever he was talking to that first girl on the bench with smokers, he almost seemed autistic because of how awkward he was. I feel bad for him. Lol

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