What Do You Do On A First Date? Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

Kong tells you what to do and how to act on a first date with a hot girl. Read The Article: “What to Do On a First Date” – www.simplepickup.com — Watch full, un-edited clips here: tinyurl.com 2nd CHANNEL: youtube.com GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: tinyurl.com Music by Jervy Hou: www.youtube.com — SUBSCRIBE! bit.ly LEARN! tinyurl.com LIKE! simplepickup.linktrackr.com FOLLOW! simplepickup.linktrackr.com
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24 thoughts on “What Do You Do On A First Date? Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

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  2. you guys should make a video on how to setup the kiss instead. Like, for example in the newer episodes where you guys put the girls arms around you and go in for the kiss.
    THAT was smooth and other techniques like that would be epic and really helpful for everyone. anyway,kudos to the simplepickup gang!

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  4. Make the going for the kiss video! Oh, and I would like to see a video of you all getting a girls number using a cute dog at the park. I want to see if that trick works

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