Wanting to be in a Relationship – MapleStory : Crossbowman 4th job fun

This video is for you Single people out there :) I hope you guys enjoyed this relationship advice video. Thanks so much for watching! Leave a like and a comment It would make me a super happy panda! And we could be friends:) SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t yet. Add me on facebook to stay up to date :) www.facebook.com Like my fan page~ www.facebook.com Follow me on twitter :) twitter.com Follow me on Twitch for live streams www.twitch.tv If you like games subscribe to my second ch! www.youtube.com

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25 thoughts on “Wanting to be in a Relationship – MapleStory : Crossbowman 4th job fun

  1. i was using my thunderbreaker and saw an angelic buster in heart chair and sat next to her…. she walked away with disgusted face and she was like lol your name… my name was LUFFY696969 and i was like damnitt

  2. Thx for the quote DaBoki. :) Y’see I’m always ALONE! Single by the way. But I doubt ur quote will make me better. btw many thanks.

  3. This is belated, but I’m still healing from a relationship nearly 8 months ago. This advice seriously helped me; I listened to this twice. Thanks DaBoki, your videos are one of the things in life I still find joy in :)

  4. I’m single for almost 5 years there this girl thet I like I don’t know how to tell her how I feel I’m. To scared of rejection and idk if she feels the same way please help !

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  6. Daboki on this subject this is exactly what situation I am in, But ways to feel happy with yourself should be your next topic. It would really help me out :D

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