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Note: This is just my personal opinion on relationships & my own advice. I don’t consider mine to be the best of all, because I still have so much more to learn about relationships & love. But this is just what I know thus far from personal experience & from advice I received by people who care about me. In the final analysis, no matter all the advice you get, you are your own teacher. Live & learn, don’t be afraid of making mistakes & asking for help when you need it. -Alyssa Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/CharmingRoyalty/124670611986 Blogspot: charmingroyaltysdiary.blogspot.com Twitter: twitter.com
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Someone who is clingy is someone who feels like they can’t be anywhere except right next to a person at all times. Stop being clingy with the wrong person and find someone who likes the attention with tips from the author of several dating books in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: www.AskDoctorPaul.com Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and IRN.com, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


50 thoughts on “Vlog: Relationship Advice ♡

  1. @Bingbongchingchog Thje problem is that I´m very small like 2.5 inches and she says she doesn´t feel me inside her and I think shes cheating on me

  2. I’m 18 and I still haven’t had a girlfriend yet :/ because my fukin parents sent me to an all boys school FML what ever you do in life people sent your kids to mixed schools pppplllleeeaaassseee :D

  3. i agree with your views espiecially the domestic violent one. I put up a video about love and the truth behind it, I think you should check it out and anyone else reading this comment

  4. @atorresmusic A real women will love you for who you are and vise versa. If a girl is only concerned with your dik size, don’t waste your time. There are many ways to sexual arouse a women in bed other that penetration with you dik. The more you know how to pleasure a women, they less she will focus on your dik. Pleasure is pleasure no matter how you do it.

  5. @RickSomchaiAgain This is when you need to step up to the plate. If she wants to do this to become confident, then you should have her back. Be proud that she is doing something to better herself and make sure she knows it. Be her support. Never mind her dressing in panties. It’s the reason why she is. With in the reason, you will find the power. Remember that. Grow with each other, mentality, physically, and spiritually.

  6. what if your in a relationship with someone who is very self conscious about themselves and they want to do a photo shoot like this for some other guys photography project not nude but in their panty’s ext they will be surrounded by friends as well so its not a sexual thing but still is it wrong to feel uneasy about so strange dude taking photos of your wife??? she said she wants to be confident…..

  7. honestly, the advices that you gave in this video would probably have been the best and the truest. After watching this video i knew what i had to do with my relationship and the wrong guy who i was with. this was really helpful and thank you so much for making this video. your the best <3

  8. OMG! i just watched this video and i felt as if u were talking to me the whole time. You are really great at this and you are adorably beautiful. My boyfriend still has photos of his ex on his phone, but he says they’re just friends. And he wont delete them even when i told him to. Do you think this okay? or is that a red flag? lol

  9. all the bad qualities, including the CLINGYNESS you mentioned, is HOW my ex boyfriend was. & STILL IS. i’m happy to say, i’ve left him and this video and your advice opened my eyes to alot!

    THANK YOU <3

  10. Asalam Walekum ur awesome!! ur like a friend in my head now :) keep doing what ur doing n make new vids!!! Ur beautiful and strong. Thanx fr this advice being in a 4 yr old rel since i wz 14 i still needed this advice jus to keep in my head especially the frst part abt a bf trying to isolate u.

  11. Hey Guys! I’m new to youtube and starting a makeup/advice channel! My first video is up! Please rate, comment, subscribe, and share! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Contrary to what you said, your advice was very helpfull and useful! Thank you so much. You definitely come off as a mature, responsible, caring and intelligent girlfriend. Pat is lucky to have you. Luv you girlie!

  13. Relationships are challenged by circumstances and social influences. They fail if they are not managed with care and consideration of the other person’s feelings. The mismanagement of these relationships ultimately bring grief and pain to all the people involved. Seek to manage your relationships with care and consideration of the other person’s needs. Recognize that sometimes you cannot repair the errors of your past; however today is the first day of the rest of your life.~Ervin Jackson, PhD

  14. Being clingy is tollerable with someone you love. But, if you ask your belov’ed to cool it with the cling – then do they really love you back if they don’t or do they just selfishly want the attention? I wonder what happens when both people are clingy? – disaster!

  15. @SuperDrumsforever
    The young guys actually teach how “not” to manipulate…just because this guy’s older doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about. He’s probably been with one woman most of his life.

  16. @hannah2999
    Please do not try and be clingy with anyone…this “you can’t change who you are” nonsense is ridiculous. You clearly see that being clingy is “turning off” the guy you love? You’re going to have the exact same problem with anyone else you date.

    Being clingy comes from “fear of loss”.
    Now that you know that you’re like this, loosen your grip on him.
    The tighter you lay your grip on anyone, the more they’ll try to escape it.

  17. Worthless.
    Are you KIDDING ME???? “Be clingy with a person who wants to have someone like that”???

    Tell me…how is it that you should go about finding a particular someone that wants a clingy relationship?
    This is ridiculous…

    There is NEVER any point that you should be clingy with ANYONE. You will be dumped! Guys or girls.

    And people can absolutely change their behavior. If you’re doing something wrong, stop doing it.
    This is some of the most irresponsible dating advice I’ve ever heard…

  18. @hannah2999 everybody needs “me-space”, that is healthy. Being emotionally dependent means a deep attachment, which will eventually bring suffering. In my experience people do change. And, in my experience, some people like “clinginess” while with others it creates resentment towards the partner because they feel angry about the always-having-to-be-there and no longer having time to be with one’s own thoughts, to reflect. Clinginess, to me, is not healthy. Your opinion is yours, that is ok too.

  19. Thanks. Im clingy ad my bf is not ad iv been trying to stop but i just cant help it ad i really love him so iv been trying to stop for awhile but this really opened my eyes

  20. Hey Dr. Paul Hugh Hefner called he wants his robe back, oh yea and my 4 yr old sister called she wants her apple juice back

  21. He is relaxed and does not have a bunch of games. He also seems to speak from wisdom rather than giving out manipulation strategies like some of the young guys who lack life experience.

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  23. people are saying that this advice is bad…what you dont understand is you only want to hear you can do it but in real life thats not how things work…a tiger doesnt change its stripes just cuz he wants to!…ok people get deppressed when they cant be who they are..theres a night for every day why take someones night away?

  24. I was able to get my ex girlfriend back with ” Surviving a Breakup: Getting Back Your Ex For Good” by Matthew Mehra. I found it on Amazon for the Kindle. It was pretty inexpensive and worked in my case. Anyone looking to get back with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend should check it out.

  25. This guy definitely knows what he’s talking about.

    How to stop being clingy? Why should you stop being clingy? It’s who you are.

    Even if it was possible to stop, you’d be unhappy and your relationship would ultimately be fake. A mockery to your integrity and an insult to the other person involved.

    In other words, find someone who can accept your flaws and return the favor when you do.

  26. This is bad advice. Building your whole life around another person is unhealthy not only for you as a person, but to your partner as well. If you want to stop being “clingy” then you need to form a strong, independent self. It’s fine to depend on people but you need to be able to live your life if someting was to happen that caused that relationship to end.
    P.S. did anyone else laugh when they saw the stereotypical outfit, wine, and background?

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