Vin DiCarlo and Julian Foxx, Pick-Up Artists on Phone Game Pt. 1 Pick-Up Artists Vin Dicarlo and Julian discuss their strategies for picking up women, especially phone and texting game pua tactics. Topics: Pick-Up artist, pua, seduction, neil strauss, mystery pick up artist vh1


23 thoughts on “Vin DiCarlo and Julian Foxx, Pick-Up Artists on Phone Game Pt. 1

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  2. Watching this series really increased my phone and text game skills. There are a TON of things I want to try out from what you shared.

    Plus, if Vin DiCarlo can help that goofy looking Julian get laid (sorry, no offense J.), then ANYBODY can use this stuff to get more action!

  3. Learning is something what I want and watching videos on youtube just made my day and this is the video that I am so interested in

  4. Julian Foxx used to be a hardcore videogamer, I believe. Mmm hoy hoy.

    What the F is that stacked in front of you… those are pills? heh

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