VH1′s The Pickup Artist Parody – Part 3 – Field Test

As a parody to VH1′s The Pickup Artist, we’re introduced to three men who are struggling to overcome their fear of women. And only one man can help … Secret.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Live in-field video of Stylelife attraction coaches and students in action. Bar adventures, limo shenanigans, real approaches. Check out www.stylelife.com/new for Part II.


50 thoughts on “VH1′s The Pickup Artist Parody – Part 3 – Field Test

  1. Speaking for all pick up artists, as i myself is a mack master, i would like convey the message that this shit is gay as hell…. ps theres a lot of homosexuals down there….

  2. I like the beat, how they sampled the sound track from “Close In Counter of the 3rd kind”.
    Someone needs to come up w/ methods for broke collage students to get on this.

  3. Gym class heroes :D :D :D :D:D
    i mean i don´t know from who it is becouse is dont heared it til jet but

  4. The people teaching this shit learned it on their own, and you can to. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn how to be confident and talk to people. They call it a “method” but it’s really self improvment. And it’s hard. But hey, saying that suddenly makes it NOT a product to sell…doesn’t it. Using “lines” and “tactics” to meet girls just covers up your personality, has no integrity, and actually acts as a deturrent to make REAL improvments on who you are.

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