Two signs of maturity that are attractive to women – practical dating tips for men.

Women often say that they like mature men. But … what does it mean – being mature? Find out about two major elements of maturity in this video. – practical dating and relationship advice
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=== === Dating Advice for Women: The Real Reason Why Men Won’t Approach You. Devon Brown admits than most men are scared to approach women they are interested in for fear of rejection. He shares some tips on how to be more open to allow a guy to come up to you.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “Two signs of maturity that are attractive to women – practical dating tips for men.

  1. try to impress = lies, excuses = lies, starting a relationship with lies = just sex, the fact is that some women like lies

  2. @trndhql
    It didnt take long for us to get back together. You have to play the situation right. Watch this video and learn >>>

  3. You dont have a clue, you said it all wrong.. thats what you do to a guy, you respond non emotionally and that gets him to want you more, but to woman you have to respond with emotions, because were emotional beings and we like that.. so youre driving 200 km/h in wrong direction with your tips… and try to keep being mature and if your ego would be hurt, its just a friendly comment, am no hater or anything like that :)

  4. I think the vast majority of guys sell out on at least some level with women.

    Most women want the same things: superficial displays of confidence, funny, etc. If you’re not like this then you won’t have much success with women. The idea that there’s someone out there for everyone and that by “being yourself” you’ll ensure you end up with a great relationship is just a convenient myth as far as I’m concerned.

  5. You kinda missed the point. The guy wasn’t saying that you have to be a prudish square. He was saying to act like a MAN, not a boy.

  6. i got a problam:i just cant ask her to be my gf!! i watch your videos every night saying to myself that il ask her the day after that and it will be perfect,but ijust cant! what should i do???):

  7. Being mature has nothing to do with changing your personality or who you are. You need to understand that before you go on talking about how you have given up on being attractive.

  8. 1. Not trying to impress = thinking about long term happiness rather than a short term facade
    2. Not getting mad over rejection = thinking the way things are in life

    Those are maturity, but not necessarily the two primary

  9. In order to get attractive, intelligent, and mentally stable women; the “boy” must eventually die. You can be mature and still have fun. You don’t want to be that sleazy old guy who sends women running.

  10. fair enough you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that, maybe i am just a boy that owns a recording studio works at least 10 hours a day just to pays bills and has a wonderful “girl”friend that i would do anything for. and if my lifestyle and sense of humour isnt good enough for someone then thats fine but il never change. Im proud to be a 24 year old boy cuz it better than being a stuck up asshole that women find irresistible and try to change.

  11. I think you mean some “girls” are attracted to you. NOT some women. Women are attracted to men, and it sounds like you are still a 23- year old boy.

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  13. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, how come they’re not afraid to approach some women which don’t give them any kind of signals either( au contraire they tend to approach to cold bitches) but others they are afraid to approach?

  14. What about men being intimidated in general- not just at approach? Due to my appearance and career, the only men I can date are “playa-tastic” types you mention. They’re confident bc they’re so wealthy or successful. Nice guys get too nervous or require so much encouragement, I lose interest.

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  21. When I say men are afraid of women, I am referring to the fear of rejection, which I explain in the video. You clearly agree with the fear of rejection since it is not dissimilar from you saying men don’t approach women because they take rejection personally.

  22. All this game playing and posturing is so juvenile. Men are not afraid of women. If that were true our species would have died out long ago. What it is is that the propagation of the species depends on the male making the initial approach. Many don’t because most men take rejection so personally. Women have also developed what’s known as ‘the shit test’ which is nothing more than a self defense mechanism for her own insecurities. Love is 100% biological. It’s all about scent.

  23. So im 17 and im going into the 11th grade and I really like my best friend who ive know for about 4 years now, and I rarely ever hang out with him. When I do I just really wanna tell him I like him, but I dont wanna scare him away. Also im a pretty shy person so its kinda hard for me to even really talk to him. What should I do?

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