Trppin in Europe 2010

Some cool the pick up artist images:

Trppin in Europe 2010
the pick up artist

Image by ATOMIC Hot Links
An 8 hour lay over at Heathrow. Now what? An internet friend ( Liz ) I had never met before picked up my wife and I and took us to her Bed and Breakfast for a short spell. She has a heart of Gold. When we came back she let us stay for free.

Gavin June 29 2011
the pick up artist

Image by Virginia Mosaics
The message read…
We are from Norfolk, Va and often visit my sister’s family in Charlottesville. We took an early stroll on the Downtown mall on Wednesday, June 29th and my little Gavin decided to pick up a map and navigate. Here he is getting his bearings on your lovely bench!


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