Top 10 Pickup Artists

After extensive research and knowledge of almost 50 mPUAs, has produced its First Annual Top 10 Pickup Artists. Though Mystery, Style, Ross Jeffrie…
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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Pickup Artists

  1. Nope! Paul Janka is pretty as fuck. Cajun looks like a beat down face with charisma and a diplomatic lexicon and a talent for using body language and human expression like no other PUA in the game. Janka is relaxed and asks “hey where is this store”, “are you from here”, and with his tall height plus his chiseled face along with his university degree and the fact that he dresses very well and has a swimmer body..well, women will like him just for that.

  2. YUP… Love paul Janka theory becuz it teaches day game where u can walk down the street & pick up 5 chicks off a errand

  3. Check out the links in my channel and you’ll get a more complete history of the community.

    Oh and are the best NFL players the best coaches? Most top coaches are RETIRED players, who have the longterm perspective and wisdom that those in the heat of combat could not possibly develop.

    In other words, is your DAD or your BROTHER more likely to know more about women?

  4. The problem with the “community” is simple math: you can never teach a majority of men how to score with the top 10 percent of women. It’s like musical chairs. You can teach individual men how to be in that top 5-10 percent, but once you try to sell the methods to the masses, most who try them will fail. The same was true of card-counting and just about any other “advantage” that was sold to the mass market.

  5. Even if Mystery’s style of pickup doesn’t resonate with you he still has to be #1 on any list whether you’re looking at the number of 10s he’s hooked up with or the impact he’s had on the game.

  6. I think Style is the greatest, he is like a movie protagonist as seen in the pages of ‘the game’ I think he will always be seen as the greatest pick-up artist of all time not to mention possibly the most famous and the one who gave the AFC most hope, ross jeffries should have been on this list and mystery higher up, same with gambler.

  7. Oh and Gambler, definetly should be on top 5. The guy is a beast.

    He’s underrated, his style is solid.

  8. this is 2009 though, don’t forget.
    and that Josh guy, are the only tutorials/tips through emails or?

  9. Give old Davey some respect… He’s good for beginners? You know what? I’ll just go watch Cajun who can be found at Lovesystems. com.
    Or Keychain, not the best but rather funny.
    If all else fails then Mystery, love the pea-cocking :)

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