Three Flirting Tips To Help You Get The Guy

=== === Three Flirting Tips To Help You Get The Guy. Devon Brown explains the three simplest things you could do to increase the efficacy of your flirting. Apply these three simple flirting techniques the next time you go out and I GUARANTEE you’ll double your chances of grabbing the attention of that cute guy!
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25 thoughts on “Three Flirting Tips To Help You Get The Guy

  1. The other day I was at a sports bar and grill in San Diego’s gas lamp district. I was having a jolly good time especially after working out at the gym for 5 hours. I was drinking with friends and just having a wonderful time when this homosexual came over and bought me a drink. He winked at me and I socked the shit out of him for about 2 minutes until they pulled me away from him. I knocked his ass out. He was missing teeth and his nose broke. I felt so much better after that. :)

  2. That’s great! Acting and speaking with confidence and self-assurance should come natural to more ladies.

  3. apparently, according to this vid, im a big flirt… weird… Im not trying 2…(accept i don’t do pick up lines.) that’s just how I talk and act around guys in general.

  4. does making the guy jelous work?? and what happens in some viedos the guy does some of the stuff does that mean he likes you or not??:)

  5. devon u r just like adorable i love u! <3 so did u have like a fever or temprature when u did this video cuz u looked hot ;)

  6. Ok Devon I know it’s a little weird but can I ask you this? You see…I’ve never had a good smile and I’m not really able to talk to guys without saying something that will completely make him think oh god this girl is insane gotta run away. I like your videos and I just I need to know…what should I do to get a guy to notice me and another question, how do I stop from saying something that will completely ruin my chances for getting together with a guy?

  7. yeah flirting is great, but I usually cut to the chase. I met my first boyfriend by just jumping onto his lap and said “Hi” then gave him the most erotic kiss. He was putty in my hands the whole time. I say just have fun and be available….

  8. Kiss your hand 2 times. Say ur crushes name 15 times. Post this on 2 other videos and ur crush will ask you out tomorrow.

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