The Worst Way To Approach A Woman (1 Min Dating Tips)

Learn To Approach Women Starting a conversation with a woman you don’t know yet can be difficult for many men. There are many ideas, strategies and tips that can help you in the process, but there are also some basic rules to obey. If you want to make sure that a girl is willing to talk to you even though she doesn’t know you you’ve got to make sure you don’t create a weird vibe at the very beginning. So the smoother you can start off a conversation with her and approach her the better. In this video you’ll learn what to avoid doing when you start a conversation with a girl. It’s super simple but I’ve had too many emails about this topic to not make this quick video. Learn to approach women without lines, routines or weird scripts the worst way to approach a woman (1 min dating tips):


24 thoughts on “The Worst Way To Approach A Woman (1 Min Dating Tips)

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  2. What if it is the only way ? I like a girl in class and when class is over she walks out faster because she is closer to the door so I will have to catch up with her from behind…

  3. This guy tells the truth because I tapped a girl from behind on her shoulder and she got scared and jumped which was embarrassing

  4. i am very fortunant to be able to aprouch and talk to woman wich i must say is very lucky considering i have aspergers syndrome wich maakes it hard to socialize. but woman have better understanding than men sooo. my advice is to think of them like a freind not someone you would like to make sex with. and eye contact when you look in her eyes you forget about every other part of her especially her well what makes you kinda nervous the most.

  5. Dear Stephan,
    Iam watching your videos since a long time.I liked your old videos a lot. But specially this video is giving me the feeling, that you are talking and talking, but i get the feeling, that you don’t know really what to say.I think saying: “be preciative and friendly looking at paying money in a restaurant or etc.” is good, but for that you need 30 seconds, not 8 minutes.And please stop permanently asking if things make sence.One time a video asking this question is enough.bestregards

  6. Can you make a video on how to not get nervous like not be a douche like I’m cool this one girl is like I girl I like(high school) and she’s not like a I wanna fuck u but more like I wanna marry u. Know what I mean she gets me hella nervous help a brother out

  7. I wish I would have seen this video four days earlier. Some girl’s money was sticking out of her back pocket. I saw it, tapped her on the shoulder (without saying anything) and then told her about it.

  8. No, not obvious to some dummies; in highschool I did approach one as she was getting into her car at hometime and she turned & screeeeeeamed for 3secs straight in my face ! Then I realized she had dental flaws

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