The Wing Girls – Dating Advice: How To Flirt

Yes, it’s true. Guys flirt too! Here’s how to let that girl know that you like her without having to have that awkward “I like you” talk. These are general flirting tips. To see flirting for specific situations, watch “Flirting Tips”. The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday. http ADD US ON FACEBOOK
Video Rating: 4 / 5 forover 500 dating advice videos not on youtube! Bring out your inner-awesomeness so you can improve your love life. Go to and upgrade to a Premium Membership! * You will get Instant Access to Full versions of 500+ videos that will solve your dating problems! + you will get all my NEW videos that you can’t get anywhere else! Go to to become a fan on Facebook. * After boinking for the first time, guys you MUST call her later the same day. If you don’t, the girl will think you just wanted sex. (So if you did just want sex, then don’t call her until later.) At the very least, send her a text message. GOOD AFTER-BOINKING TEXT MESSAGE VS. BAD TEXT MESSAGE Good: Have a great day, sweetheart. Bad: Thank you, come again. Heh, heh. Good: You were amazing. You are so hot! Bad: You were amazing. You are so hot!… compared to the ugly beasts I usually get with. Good: I had great time with you. :) Bad: I had a great time with your v@gina. Serious Dating Advice + Seriously Twisted Humor.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “The Wing Girls – Dating Advice: How To Flirt

  1. Girls I’m not in love with = no problem, I can handle anything
    Girls I am in love with = OMG what do I say, what do I do, should I flirt, ask for her number now, try and think of something funny to say, I wanna touch her but will she think I’m desperate then etc. Get what I’m saying? the point is it’s more complicated than trying to figure out how the why girls love twilight so much!

  2. A few years ago two parents went out to dinner a few hours later the babysitter called and asked if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids room. The dad said “get the kids out of the house and we’ll call the police. We don’t have a clown statue.” the clown was actually a killer that escaped from prison 10 years ago. If u don’t post this on ten videos, the clown will be in your bed with a chainsaw in his hand at 3:00am. didn’t feel like having this happen to me

  3. Alright, so a couple weeks ago I actually took your advice man.
    I read that program (the one you suggested on bethebadboy. com)..
    That shit was pretty dope, I’ll admit.
    I didn’t realize that pre-selection was such an important attraction trigger for women.
    It makes sense though.
    It sort of reminds me of a movie I say where the dude paid the popular girl (Christina Milian) to pose as his girlfriend.
    When she did, all the other girls wanted his nut haha
    True story in real life too.

  4. After watching this i think a guy from my class (that obviously likes the same girl as i do) asked her out and failed miserably xDDD

  5. how do you talk to like very pretty (saying this because some girl dont like to be called hot) wemon at the mall u dont know? im very confused and shy

  6. Women are supposed to flirt.

    Men are supposed to take action and make moves.

    Just the fact that you guys are watching “flirting” videos on here shows that you need some help.

    First tip: Man up! Literally.

    From now on, if there’s a girl you want, approach her with confidence and be direct with her.

    No more missing opportunities and no more being so “nice”.

    2nd tip: Hit up “be the bad boy . com”

    Reading that completely changed my viewpoint on this stuff. Life changing actually.

  7. i was looking into her eyes and then. all i remember is my mouth spills saliva. and i dont know what happened next.

  8. Im just watching these videos to make sure i am doing everything right… so far i am doing everything right.

  9. Flirting is for chicks.
    Real men are direct and go after what they want.
    A guy flirting and sending “signals”, that’s so beta.
    Change your mentality and adopt more of a “cave man” style with women.
    You like her, go get her .. be confident and direct and she’ll respond.
    Believe me, I played the nice guy for years and it didn’t get me anywhere.
    Read a guide (the one on “Be the bad boy. com”) and since then, I changed my game and I’ve been killing it!

  10. finally a real down to earth kind of guy. the world is a shade of gray and you understand that. i love your advice and i would so date you!

  11. BAHAHAHAHAHAH I WAS CRYING LAUGHING when u did good:Have a great day sweetheart…bad:thank you come again BHAHAHAHAHAHHAH genius! i think God was laughing!!! your hilarious i wish my boyfriend was like u

  12. I have received more guy help in your 8mins and 35 second video than all my guy friends have given me in a lifetime. Props man.

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