The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention Sept. 14th-16th Mystery returns for his first public appearance in many years at Casanova Crew’s “The Ultimate Pick Up Artist C…


21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention Sept. 14th-16th

  1. I am happy that Mystery is still around!!!! Was wondering if he was ok since he disappeared shortly after the Pick Up Artist aired. Glad he is still out there doing positive stuff.

  2. My mamam? Is that like what southerners refer to as a mee-maw or mah-maw? As in a grandmother? There’s no need to rush. She’s lying in her convalescent home bed and not going anywhere soon. But thanks for revealing the limits of your “game” as having to hurry to screw near-comatose octogenarians before even they change their minds and reject you.

  3. Actually, in English, we would say “if you wanted to find OUT about someone” or “if you wanted to find SOMETHING OUT about someone”. And your first comment, if you intended sarcasm, should have been written in question form, such as “So (comma) if you WANTED to find OUT about someone, you’d go to the person who hates him so much he WROTE 1/4 of a book about him?” Still thinking either English is your 2nd language. If not, perhaps you should work on your literacy as a way to demonstrate value.

  4. Yes, if you wanted to find about someone, like research or see what they are like. No, im speaking in English bro.

  5. So if you were to find about someone (Tyler), you’d go to the person who hates him so much he write 1/4 of a book about him (Strauss).
    Good idea, I think you’ll find some very reliable results!

  6. PUA is a thousand different flavors. More likely you tried pretending to be someone else so long it hurt you. I can promise you that whatever you do at present to attract a woman is without a doubt a part of PUA and your doing it from a PUA mindset. Just saying…………

  7. It shocks me to even think Tyler even went to this event. Hes so much far ahead of these so called “Pick Up Artists”. They are just looking for a quick dime, using trash routines and lines. Mystery Method, The Game lol. This isn’t 2005. If you want some real knowledge follow the guys from RSD, preferably RSD Tyler.

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