The Pick Up Artist vh1 – Live Demo By a PUA

Watch this real life pickup of me picking up these two women during the day. Picking up women is much easier when you know how the pickup goes. Don’t use pic…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A professional pick up artist, “SNAKE” AKA Brendon Walsh explains the tricks he uses to score with the bitches.


13 thoughts on “The Pick Up Artist vh1 – Live Demo By a PUA

  1. Oh my god, Duncan’s sexual growling at Snake’s dick just did me in, haha. Jesus Christ. Brilliance.

  2. This is maybe the 10th time I’ve listened to this. Only now do I realize that Snake was fucking a dog when Duncan called him.

  3. It’s funny because Duncan is an intellectual yet he’s comfortable enough to have a sense of humor and be ridiculous.

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