The Pick up Artist Season 2 The show is over

Hey everyone, this is just one little story about what has happened since the show got over, there will be more and much better ones in the future. until the…
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14 thoughts on “The Pick up Artist Season 2 The show is over

  1. @kingtutt661

    Hi there! at the end of the episode there are two songs playing, “Somewhere Only We Know”, by Keane but the one I think u want is “Starlight” by Muse… I love that song!!

    Game is on!

  2. greg you are really good at this, i can see what you ment by saying that you remembered how much you loved teaching, this is verry verry good

  3. Why are you so ignorant? not everybody feels and thinks the way you do. Your like a 4 year old kid who doesn’t understand why everyone is not exactly the same as himself.

  4. can somebody tell me the name of the song at the end of the pickup artist season 2 when Symian wins and it shows a flashback of how much he has changed? I think it is by the killers?

  5. hey, people get nervous…it’s normal.

    And taping yourself and putting yourself out there is scary. Totally different from pickup.

  6. Why are you so nervous all the time? You are nervous recording this video, no wonder you got voted off

  7. thats some funny shit. what club was it? joe d’s a genius w/that big pale belly of his. sounds like you’re having fun. and who cares if you did some acting gigs, you were perfect for the show. cant wait to hear details about vegas.

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