The Cube – Style’s Pick Up Artist Comfort Routine

Part of the 2012 Stylelife Challenge: The Cube performed by Neil Strauss. Use The Cube to build comfort and make a connection in isolation.
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21 thoughts on “The Cube – Style’s Pick Up Artist Comfort Routine

  1. @ahacjxb
    I pick up more in one week than most of my friends do the whole year. You need to be the one leading the whole thing. Start by watching this video =>

  2. Pretty smart guys Neil and Mystery, but the problem is that now everyone is doing it so were all back to square 1… I see guys at bars and stuff trying the little magic tricks and the little games lol. oh well

  3. ANSWER: The flowers are her friends – it’s SOO accurate! She will say she has many flowers. I ask where are they around? She might say around the horse, or around her cube or everywhere. Then I find out if they are multicolored or not.
    If they are multicolored – she has many different types of friends, etc. If they are the same – her friends tend to be similar. If they are around the ladder for example – she knows them through work. If they are everywhere, she knows them from all over. See? :)

  4. The Cube is really just a survey style cold read so the Flowers as a general rule can be used to describe the subjects current feelings toward having children. However in this case I would take a different route. She specifically said that they are not roses, which signals to me that she is looking for a guy with imagination and originality and not one who blindly follows tradition. Buying roses for women is very cliche. Just a thought.

  5. What about the flowers? Also, I find it amusing that people are commenting and giving advice to Style, one of the world’s greatest PUAs. Haha!

  6. This routine was published 7 years ago in 2005 in Strauss’ book, the Game. Just about every hot chick that gets approached often has heard this routine by now.

  7. Great trick, one thing I noticed though was that you used “um” and fillers such as ‘like’ quite a bit, if you were able to use pauses instead you you be able to make something great even better!

    There are a few tricks to help with this, but given that you seem to be making videos of yourself you may want to go through your videos looking specifically for ums, ahs and other fillers.

  8. I remember one time when I was about 15. I were at a market where there was this psychic woman who promised to read your hand for 20 bucks. I reluctantly went into the candy-collored witch’s tent.
    An odd thing happened when I was in the tent. Because although she guessed about 90% of the stuff wrong, I felt an irresistable urge to ask her about key points in my life and what she saw. Like she could help me figgure out my life. She played me.
    This is the same thing. The psychologist effect.

  9. I have used this game few times with girls and I have very good memories from that conversations. Girls are shocked in a positive way because none ever showed them stuff like this before. I use to change it a little bit in a way that makes it more interesting, like… ask her if the horse (her ideal man) is close to the cube? And if she say yes… then say her that it means that her ideal man is close to her at the moment! :) )

    Great stuff, but learn the inner game too its more important!

  10. amaaaaazing and SUPER THX !!!

    i grx Style y toda tu gente !
    now I have to rip the audio,
    get it on my ipod,
    listen to it at least 20 times while driving around the truck,
    and get out there and try it…

    4$ to STYLE RIGHT FKN NOW !!!!

    where’s the GOLD button?

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