The Basics of NLP and Hypnosis for Pickup Artists/ Social Artistry

For full course: This Video explains the basics of…
Video Rating: 3 / 5 Learn how to pickup women like top pickup artists like Mystery, Neil Strauss (author of the game). Mystery method, pua, vh1 pi…


21 thoughts on “The Basics of NLP and Hypnosis for Pickup Artists/ Social Artistry

  1. if a guy came up to me like this i would think creep and then if he continued to then tease me by implying i sounded like a ‘little chicken’ was it? i would then hate him and want to punch his face out…..

  2. the only problem is that im a ghost every time i go out, or girls just basically wanna throw up if they know that i like them. Sucks for me, but i gotta deal with the fact

  3. I would hardly say he is extraordinarily handsome. He is well groomed with a slender athletic build but not handsome from a masculine stand point. It works because he walks up and makes them feel good. How attracted we are is directly related to how good we make them feel. He walks over gives a big smile(she mirrors him) and she feels good because we feel exactly how we act (the act of smiling makes you feel good). His confidence and ability to make them feel good builds comfort.

  4. The girls in the video are 6′s-7′s, low 8 max. Picking up high 8′s and 9′s is much more difficult. Let’s see live video of Alex getting a 9. Still great stuff though!

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