How To Deal With “Rejection” Like A Man (1 Min Dating Tips)

No Shit Newsletter: Rejection, screw ups, funny looks, weird reactions from women can have a debilitating effect on men who want to meet new women and make their lives more fun. In this video Authentic Game Guy Stephan Erdman explains the two words that put things back into perspective before we start agonising over what’s wrong with us, why we messed up, why she rejected us, why it all went wrong, why life is terrible and all that stuff. It’s not a sophisticated concept, yes, but it’s incredibly useful to realise that when something goes wrong, it’s not necessarily us that’s to blame. In fact, screw ups, being rejected and for things not to work out are actually a sign that we’re taking risks, that we take action and that we’re not just staying in our comfort zone. Some people say, the more mistakes you make the more you achieve. Anyway. Remember those words the next time something goes wrong for you, which it will. The key to any screw up, or rejection or other thing going wrong is how you handle it. So handle it like a man. More from Stephan Authentic Game Dating Tips Newsletter at Approach At Will Program Pimp Your Lingo Program: 6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge how to deal with rejection like a man
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Find out about the most important factor that creates a woman’s attraction toward a man and why.


Dating Advice – For Men Who Want To Attract Beautiful Women and Get Over the Fear of Rejection Reviews

Dating Advice – For Men Who Want To Attract Beautiful Women and Get Over the Fear of Rejection

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We all have the ability to attract women. The truth is most men start repelling women faster than they will attract them. Limiting beliefs that we carry within us are usually the root cause of us not being able to attract the woman that we wish we can be with. It’s what separates us men from the boys.

Many of my friends wanted me to put what I have learned into a book, so I did. I started writing this book back in 1997, and continued