Moving On After A Break Up Relationship Advice

This is a relationship advice video for those who are likely to burn themselves alive after being dumped by their current boyfriend or girlfriend. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS MAIN CHANNEL NATURAL BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS CHANNEL SPORTS CHANNEL GAMING CHANNEL FACEBOOK tags: getting over an ex getting over a girl getting over a guy life after a bad relationship getting over a divorce bad relationships getting over a divorce

The Modern Misunderstanding of Love (Relationship Advice) How did we get to a point where the concept of “love” became synonymous with paranoia? Why are we so afraid of being cheated on? Do we subconsciously feel that suppressing our partner’s individuality could result in them partaking in a rebellious string of secret one night stands? Why do we make our partners responsible for our happiness and peace of mind? Well, there is a reason for everything, whether we consciously recognize those reasons or not. Our modern ideas of love revolve around romanticized fairy tales that leave us lost within a mist of cloudy expectations. I would give women the relationship advice to let these fairy tales go. These expectations are based around selfishness and fear. Once committed, we no longer support our partner’s individuality, which ironically attracted us to them in the first place. Instead, we expect them to sacrifice their uniqueness for who we want them to be. The thought of our partners having a sense of freedom scares us to death. The ball and chain theory metaphorically equates to having your own personal pet on a leash. Your personal perspective of life is influenced by the subjective construct of your culture. The American media continues to program us with misleading idealistic views of love. These views emotionally manipulate us into buying material items that represent false romanticism and higher profit margins. They say money can’t buy you love, but we seem to
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