STRANGER TAKES GIRL HOME – (Justin Wayne Opens, Kiss, Date, and Pull Home) [PUA]

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23 thoughts on “STRANGER TAKES GIRL HOME – (Justin Wayne Opens, Kiss, Date, and Pull Home) [PUA]

  1. I like how you say they cry about racism but before you call them for niggers, smooth. Plus were did you read that 50% of black women are single, and that they abandon their mother. Would love to read it

  2. PFFFF … Please dont bring the racism stuff here because we don’t know from where you got these stats but the only think I know is that she is not his wife he just wanted to bone her and that’s it…

  3. Niggers always cry about racism every second but they even abandon their own kind,they even abandon their own FUCKING MOMS!! I know why over 50% black women are single now,losers.

  4. no disrespect but you just don’t know how to talk to Ukrainian/Russian women. They are not hard to get, very kind and lovely but they don’t want so much talking. Tell them what you want and it’s all good. They still believe in the classic idea of men and women. Compliment them on their looks. When she came up with the sex, you got scared. You could have closed the deal on the first eve.

  5. Actually the “take her home” part is the difficult part generally ! It’s too shortened in this video but good video anyway !

  6. This guy is legendary seriously i live in new york and these foreigners usually dont even talk to anyone other than the people from their country. And for everyone who says shes acting like a bitch literally all the girls in manhattan look like that!


  8. Hmmm, very nice, you showed confidence and though it did seam a little pushy you seamed to have succeeded in the end i congratulate you, however if i may make a recomendation tone down the music, at time i found it difficult to hear your conversation, aside from that good vid!

  9. after the quick date and walking with her he established such a strong emotional rapport that not only did she feel safe with him, but he became her ‘Man’. The way he constantly exuded confidence and took charge yet, stayed a playful gentleman is what turned her on. By the end of the date, staying with him and going home with him just felt…natural. :-0 good job!

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