Steve Harvey Straight Talk No Chaser | Dating Advice For Men And Women | Keeping It Real. Comedian Steve Harvey turn relationship guru explains why men and women cannot be just friends in his latest book “Straight Talk, No Chaser”. Agree or disagree, let us discuss by adding your comments below then watch the other videos on my channel. Also be sure visit http for more information on approaching, attracting and dating beautiful women.
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10 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Straight Talk No Chaser | Dating Advice For Men And Women

  1. Hilarious how the comments from women are like- he is wrong!! and from men are like- he is so right!!
    Since we are talking about MEN I will believe the MEN.

  2. How many times has this fool been married? At least 3, if I’m not mistaken. His advice to women is to draw them into buying his books. Steve realizes women are a great target market. He’ targeted the back frmale demograpthic and profited from it quite well. Here’s some advice-Black women aren’t saints. They all cheat, lie, are loud and often times beligerent. And they are raising this generation of thugs, players and metrosexuals-all by themseleves!

  3. No men CAN be friends with women but horney ass mofo’s can’t be friends with one another, , , I get sick and tired of excuses about how people can’t help them selves. . . we are not animals we have working brains and we can use common sense can’t we. KEEP IT IN YA PANTS!!!!

  4. HE’S RIGHTunless your female friend looks like shaq on halloween, 9 out of 10 x’s if she was giving it up, you’d take it.or you could be the dude that get’s off on having women wanting you and not giving them the dick.friendship requires equality and openess and because of our sexual natures, there’s always gonna be a gap that can’t be filled. it’s in our nature to be together sexually, and a male/female friendship without sex is successful to the extent that they go against there natures..

  5. I’m a guys and I 100% agree with Steve, if your a female ( must be hot…) and you have a guy friend, no matter if hes single, married, or have a gf he would have 100% positive, cool friendship with you, but in the back of the head lol….

  6. PR!! PR!! PR!! I’ll will quote Mr. harvey on this number… “99.9%” of what he says is doing nothing but lining his pockets. It’s PR and nothing less. He nor anybody else is all knowing about any subject. Maybe he can’t have female friends (hmmmm) that’s between he and his therapist. But to say that men and women can’t be friends. Not true! Oh, he did say 99.9%…

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