Stay away from the LIGHT!

Check out these pick up artist images:

Stay away from the LIGHT!
pick up artist

Image by MHBaker
Superb Acoustics, and as sensitive to even pick up the clicking of my camera

13-365 The man responsible for printing my pictures onto glass
pick up artist

Image by johngarghan
13/365 a photo every day in 2009
I’m getting ready for my latest exhibion of my artwork at the Solihull Arts Complex, Touchwood, Solihull, today I picked up the new photographs printed onto glass.
Martin does a great job as he calibrates his printer to achieve the same output on glass as my originating digital image. Its like keeping spinning plates of the floor, its not easy.

See the original at:…

More information at:
And my blog “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again”

Tribal Elephant
pick up artist

Image by Scallop Holden
So the Elephant says " That’s cute but can it pick up peanuts?"


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