Snow walls taller than trucks

Check out these pickup artists images:

Snow walls taller than trucks
pickup artists

Image by WSDOT
I always love it when we have a truck (or some kind of object) parked next to a snow wall because it helps paint a picture of just how deep the snow is that we are clearing. Obviously, in this spot the snow is quite a bit taller than this full-sized pickup truck.

3D Modeling in Vectorworks 2009: Book Cover Art
pickup artists

Image by Vectorworks
3D Modeling in Vectorworks, is now available for purchase. The tutorial is a must-have workbook for anyone seeking to learn how to free-form model with Vectorworks, as it will bring users to a competent level of 3D capability through exercises aimed at building a foundation of 3D Vectorworks skills. This intelligent, instructional manual is appropriate for both students and professionals and provides a very practical approach to learning 3D Vectorworks skills. The hard-copy workbook comes with a companion CD that contains exercise files and the entire manual as a PDF file with embedded instructional movies. Each workbook retails for USD .

This tutorial is part of Nemetschek North America’s self-paced training options and is for people who like to learn on their own and at their own pace. To read the sample chapters or to purchase the tutorial from Jonathan, please go to:

For more information about the artist and Vectorworks user, Sarah Munro: or

pickup artists

Image by Audio-TechnicaUK
The chance to get hands on with a huge variety of Audio-Technica microphones was of real interest to the Absolute staff during the Summer School session.

Having Logan on hand to answer specific questions on capsules, frequency response and pickup patterns ensured a thoroughly educational experience all round. Here, the groundbreaking dual element AE2500 (as widely used by ‘Big’ Mick Hughes with Metallica) is the subject of discussion.


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