Sexy Times with Gurl – Getting Back Together With An Ex “Getting Back Together With An Ex” Tough love alert! Sara’s helping a girl deal with a break up that just won’t stick. She keeps getting back together with her ex and she wants to know how she can tell if she should really trust him again. Well, Sara’s got three words for this girl, “one and done.” As in, break up with him once and never get back together with him again. It’s tough to hear, but Sara will walk you through how to break up and stay broken with your ex. Got a Q for Sara? Put it in the comments and it could be next week’s topic! Want more of Sara? Check out For more health, sex & relationship info, check And there’s always tons of talk about love, sex & relationships on our Gurl hearts you big time! Do you heart us? Then be our bud: Subscribe: Boards: Facebook Twitter: Tumblr:
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24 thoughts on “Sexy Times with Gurl – Getting Back Together With An Ex

  1. Finally got over him. Now he says he wants me back and is telling me that he has changed and I believe him but my friends are telling me to forget him and mow I don’t know what to do! AHHH HELP! S.O.S.

  2. Ok I’m in a bit of a situation I was talking to this guy for nearly 6 months and I really liked him but I wasn’t sure where it was going then my best friend (who I liked as well) asked me out but I turned him down for the other guy. A few weeks later I got together with the other guy we went out for two weeks and in those two weeks he managed to cheat on me twice and dump me by text (I didn’t find out about the cheating until after). It’s been 6 months since and after what feels like for ever I

  3. Hey, Sara me and my boyfriend broke up and I really want to go back with him but my friends think I should go back with him. What should I do?! Please help!

  4. Hey Sara! I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m 15. My dad won’t let me date until I’m 16 but I’ve had a boyfriend for a little over a year. We broke up after dating 5 months and he went back to his ex. About a month later we got back together and I’ve been going behind my dads back for months. I really don’t know what to do. My dad will not budge and won’t allow me to date yet.. Should I still be with this guy?..

  5. So I really need to ask I got back with my ex for the second time first time we broke up was because we couldn’t date but now he’s different seems like all he wants is well you know. What should I do? He says he loves me..but I don’t know

  6. So I’ve dated this guy twice and I still like/love him I just don’t feel like we work together and he’s gotten so emotional about it he’s threatened to do things to himself. But I really like and connect with this other guy and every time I pretty much get over the first guy he finds a way to start drama again. And I don’t know what to do plz help this has been happening for weeks and I REALLY need help plz no one else will help me thru this

  7. I’ve been hurt about 4 times and I don’t feel like I wanna fall in love again.There was this time when there is a school trip to malacca,We stayed in a hotel. I slept with two of my girl friends.I called my boy friend’s room number to check wether he still have my magnet.His BFF pick up the phone and then i said,”Is Asyari in there???”He said to Asyari,”Asyari ur girlfriend.” Asyari pick the phone and said,”Hi darling.”I ignored him and just ask what I wanna ask.It was so sweet but I’m hurt no

  8. Is it weird if I am almost 15 and never even been on a date with a guy??? I mean Ive had crushes but the guys never seem to notice me!!!!!

  9. I try to tell this guy that i liked him but i dont no if he nose i do and tomorrow is the last day of school WHAT DO I DO PLEASE HELP ME?

  10. I’m torn between these 2 guys. I’m ready to ask out either one of them, but I’m not sure which one. How do I know which one I like…more?

  11. So there’s this guy I really like, and I think I’m really in love. But I don’t know what being in love feels like. Can you please help me?

  12. I feel like this was meant for me!…question:okay so how do you break up a with somebody that you really still wanna be Friends with?

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