Secret Flirts Reviews

Secret Flirts

  • Customizable character
  • 4 skills: wit, style, popularity, and physique
  • 15 mini love games
  • Take part-time jobs to earn money and unlock over 1350 different fashions, makeup, and hairstyles.
  • Follow the advice (or not!) of your friends on how to charm the boy of your dreams

Capture the heart of your Prince Charming by developing your mind, body and spirit! A social sim game that is a compilation of compelling mini games that offer a deep, interactive and ethical gaming experience: A Love Story, A Love Coach and A Flirt Messenger. Secret Flirts helps girls improve their social skills, work on improving their education, physique, popularity, and style with the help of the fun minigames. Hang out at the mall, movies, cafes, school, the gym, and more to meet your frien

List Price: $ 29.99



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