Scared of Talking to Girls? Become a Beast: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

How do you talk to girls and get rid of your bitch butterflies? Kong teaches you how to become a beast when approaching women! GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: Watch full, un-edited clips here: Tweet this video: Share this video on Facebook: Music by Jervy Hou: — Get rid of your BITCH BUTTERFLIES. Stop making excuses for being a bitch. It’s okay to run out of things to say sometimes, here’s what to do when that happens and how to still get her number at the end. SUBSCRIBE! LEARN! LIKE! FOLLOW!
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25 thoughts on “Scared of Talking to Girls? Become a Beast: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

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  2. You’re scr….scr…sc….screwed!!! I’m sorry that was incredibly mean. Just work the stutter into the conversation and make it lets awkward by acknowledging it from the beginning

  3. Its still surprises me, just how lot of people do not know about Sozofintao Dating Manual (do a google search), although a lot of people get good result because of this dating course. Thanks to my mate who told me about Sozofintao Dating Manual, I have completely get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone

  4. I really like how you guys encourage everyone to find a genuine connection as opposed to just trying to get laid like that mystery dag

  5. no…you can’t pick up girls because of your bitch ass attitude…a Boss gets what he wants regardless of skin color…

  6. worst analogy ever, thats like me saying.. i take a shit in the morning and cant pick up girls.. i know cuz i take a shit in the morning. ..wait what?

  7. I don’t have problems talking to girls I just don’t get good results when I do but I’m going to take your guys advice thanks guys

  8. Omg 1st Video, i REALLY like your style showing real life examples and great tips, you sir have just earned a Sub(:

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