Runescape Nerds Pick up Girls in Las Vegas

THUMBS UP / FAV. Trolling / Staking / Pking IRL. Show your friends / Tweet the video if you play Runescape. If you guys show me that you like this i will make another one with better / juicier lines / better camera and recording. Camera is shaky because we try to hide the camera. FYI, 3/3 attempts in 1 HR were successful. Follow me on Twitter! RSN: Bonesaw Bamf Adamm Some lines used: “Do you know where the grand exchange is?” “Where is the Grand Exchange?” “When i first saw you I had a Dds now i have a dragon longsword” “Are you 80 magic because your stunning” “I may have a rapier but i can last 10 hours” “Do you want to see my Godsword?” “Im 99 strength” (Lifts up shirt for abs) “Im a Fighter, I fight people in edgeville” “I do merchanting kill bosses” “Whats your Chefs cooking level?” “I have a partyhat set, alot of them” “All skills are maxed out” “Im a merchant, I work at the grand exchange” “I have six piles of max Cash” My fan page: Inspired by Simple Pickups. Subscribe we are making a parody of the Hangover on this channel.

Tweet this vid: Share on FaceBook: Help us out by posting this video on your favorite StarCraft forums/blogs! StarCraft lingo used (in order): 0. Nuclear launch detected 1. Carrier has arrived 2. Did somebody call for an exterminator? 3. I’m going to six-pool…


50 thoughts on “Runescape Nerds Pick up Girls in Las Vegas

  1. when u were talking about her tits you should of said are those real or are they lent? and lured them into your bed probably would of got a phat or 2

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  3. pickup girls while dressed up as Mortal Kombat characters. Use lines like “Get over here!” or “Your soul is mine”

  4. Cheaters! They’re acting like they’re blurring the faces to protect identity, but they’re really targeting ugly girls!

  5. I told a girl she was prettier than a protoss for a pickup line, she actually knew what a protoss was and told me her and her brother played starcraft as kids.We ended up kissing and cuddling for the next 2 weeks.Sadly complications came about and we couldn’t date but was good while it lasted.

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