Relationship Advice – What’s Your Motivation?

Relationship Advice — Today, I am going to be talking about relationship advice and the underlying motivation of your relationship. It is very critical to take a consciousness to this subject because if you do not know why or you are not clear on what your underlying motivations are behind relationships, it’s going to be something that potentially POISONS a relationship or your life. It may in the end, not serve you. It can be avoided by simply brining your conscious attention to this subject. The Motivation Behind Your Relationship What is YOUR motivation? Do you want to feel loved? Do you want to be loved? Do you want to express love? Do you feel incomplete inside yourself with your love and you are looking for it in another? Do you feel more confident and maybe your attractive partner at your side allows you to feel that confidence? Do you want to feel more successful and maybe having a partner by your side makes you feel more successful? Do you want to feel more safe and secure and having that lover by you makes you feel safe and secure? What is your motivation for being in a relationship? The key thing to understand once you have recognized your own motivations and why you are searching for a relationship is this ANY relationship that is founded on the need or lack of something inside yourself is going to be ultimately a toxic relationship for yourself, or for your partner, or for both of you. A truly blissful and divine relationship is created
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  2. That was truly inspirational. Im going to share it with all my friends because I’m in highschool and I think my friends should see this, just cause it’s something I think everyone should see and learn about.

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