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Relationship advice at The relationship advice from The Tao of Badass can actually be implemented in every aspect of our life. It is…
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Relationship advice for men – here are the 5 mistakes ruining your success with women. Buy The Tao of Badass ebook for advanced secrets ♂♥♀ http://5d9e50e8.l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


12 thoughts on “Relationship Advice – The Blackbook Technique – The Tao of Badass

  1. Lmaoo WTF?! How does this work and why doesnt anybody really know this?? I had to try it and i got girl’s number after girl’s number.. it was like back in school when the attendance sheet got passed around. So genius bro. Never stop doing this!! :)

  2. I never tried this method,. But so far all the methods that you have taught for free really did help me.. thanks men :)

  3. After you get her number.. Would you give her your number or would you text her or call her and tell her who you are? ;)

  4. most guys that watch this aren’t going to try this cuz they are 2 scared of what will happen but u know wut I’m going to go out there and try this and I’m not even bad with names

  5. hi, what is the best way to kiss a girl doesen’t matter if it is daytime or night but like get a kiss with someone youve just met, in 10 seconds, please respond :) fastes way to get a kiss :)

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