Relationship Advice : Emotional Signs of Cheating

Signs of cheating that can be detected through emotions include a partner that becomes suddenly distant, emotionally unresponsive and no longer affectionate….
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9 thoughts on “Relationship Advice : Emotional Signs of Cheating

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  3. my bf has changed SO MUCH! he has become an asshole and making it seem like im doing something wrong. is that a sign?

  4. @ypjkvse
    It only took me 1 week and I got my ex back. You’ve just got to know how to deal with the situation. If you want to learn, watch this >>

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  7. I despise cheaters. They’re not man enough to end it the right way, both women and men. I’ve never been cheated on personally but I see the toll it takes on my friends, my family. If they aren’t in love anymore or feeling it than staying in the relationship only adds salt to the wound. UGH

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