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►►► Free Newsletter: ►►► Facebook: ►►► Subscribe on Youtube: Speaker Bio: Name: “Sock”- shorten childhood nickname for Socrates, which is my birth name that I later had changed due to societal and peer pressures. My parents first met during a literature course in college and fell in love reading a play by Socrates… somewhere they thought it would be terribly romantic if they got married and named their first son Socrates… They did and the rest is my history… …or so the story goes… Six years ago I found the men’s community in the emerging blogosphere, in search of not only trying to save an unhealthy and failing relationship, but in desperate search to find myself and reconnect to a society of men where I had previously always excelled and realized myself. It was something that I had lost touch of and was dearly lacking. It was the first tangible step in changing my life by re-taking control and authorship of it. I found and discovered many, many things in the community… about myself, my life, my ideals and my values. I found and made friendships that I hold dear to this day. It more than anything for me was a culture that fostered and nurtured acts of self discovery, analysis and ability to be naked and raw with my honesty, as expressed to myself and others. It was this support group with which you could honestly engage and receive feedback, which I found so critical to my personal development. It was and
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11 thoughts on “Relationship Advice | “A Contrarian Guide” | Full Length HD

  1. Relationships are challenged by circumstances and social influences. They fail if they are not managed with care and consideration of the other person’s feelings. The mismanagement of these relationships ultimately bring grief and pain to all the people involved. Seek to manage your relationships with care and consideration of the other person’s needs. Recognize that sometimes you cannot repair the errors of your past; however today is the first day of the rest of your life.~Ervin Jackson, PhD

  2. Video is too underrated. Probably one of the most important video’s I have watched on youtube to date. Thank’s to Sock and Anthony

  3. “tell me about your relationship with your father” if she says good, move on. thats quagmire in family guy. gigidy gigidy

  4. When you look into the community you see a bunch of nerds who learned pickup and now they are making up for loss time. There is no balance or stability. They still live a life that values the opinions of others more than their own, trying to be alpha to others instead of “doing you”. No reflection on Soc, one of the people i admire.

  5. Excellent speech, the importance of being able to make healthy life choices and at time facing the harsh reality is a lesson that everyone must learn. Being able to resolve issues between one another and learning to cool off and rationally think as well as decide is a skill that the will saturate and influence your life and relationships with mutual and healthy relationships

  6. Very nice talk… very emotionally intelligent guy, and most of what he says is practical and correct. I absolutely wish he’d invest in a synonym for ‘Aspect’ since if we count up aspects of this Talk we’ve got a pizza for thousands of people. ^_^

  7. Great talk. I think this is an area that needs to be discussed more. I worry the community will end up making a lot of lonely old men, because the didn’t learn how to handle a relationship or were made to believe relationships are a bad idea.

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