Relationship Advice First, do what makes you happy. Everything else is a percentage of compromising. I’m just saying!
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25 thoughts on “Relationship Advice

  1. “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!” LOL… funny! I agree that you can make your own rules… as long as you and your partner agrees, it’s free game! Do you and do you well! :)

  2. Relationships are challenged by circumstances and social influences. They fail if they are not managed with care and consideration of the other person’s feelings. The mismanagement of these relationships ultimately bring grief and pain to all the people involved. Seek to manage your relationships with care and consideration of the other person’s needs. Recognize that sometimes you cannot repair the errors of your past; however today is the first day of the rest of your life.~Ervin Jackson, PhD

  3. I swear you have a split personality lol your funny but I’ve learnt so much thank you for the reminder ..

  4. I jus ended a 10 yr marriage cuz ex ddnt wana be married n the 1st place but I did – I KEEP it sexy! no matter what – u gotta give em what they got in the 1st place all thru the relationship

  5. I really like you and your sister!! I really look up to you guys and when you said you were divorced, the first person who came to my mind was my cousin who is your age, and single…lol, you are just his type!

  6. everyone please view a video by Dr. Amous Wilson on the subject, Dr. Na’im Akahbar, Dr. Neely Fuller They are not fakes.

  7. here sounding like me n my girls yo! real talk…ur spirit is sooo young…im 23 n i wud def kick it wit u

  8. sweetie I think u missed her point. While it is comedy oriented…it has some real points. I understand your POV…but at the end of the day its true. Think about it & really be honest with yourself. U fell for your significant other bcuz of their looks at first..then the personality stepped in…but however, u know if u start realizing drastic negative changes in your relationship u will begin to lose interest, so that’s where her pointers come into play! :)

  9. lol omg i love you girl! i mean im too young for the living together part…but I get exactly what you’re sayin! :) You & I think along the same wave length…I like to consider u my older long lost soul sister! :) keep it up! <3

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