Q & A Tuesdays w/ OpTic MiDNiTE – CoD Maps, Dating Girls & Favorite Clip EVER!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

This episode covers the two general fears that cause a person to hesitate in dating a plus sized individual.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “Q & A Tuesdays w/ OpTic MiDNiTE – CoD Maps, Dating Girls & Favorite Clip EVER!

  1. I don’t know the details of what happened (not that its any my business anyway) but you and Sophie both seem like great people. . or maybe im a poor judge of character lol. Either way, some of the most entertaining CoD commentaries i’ve ever seen on youtube was you and Moppy’s dual commentaries. . or maybe it was because they were some of the first I ever watched. Gotta miss those.

  2. Question to MiDNiTE,
    Gaming has been looked at by many as a time to relax and have fun. Since you’re in Optic, which is a real and dedicated clan, has competitiveness ever taken away the relaxation you have in gaming? Not to say that competitive play is not relaxing to some people. It is to a lot of people. I was just wanted to know your opinion is all. :D 

  3. If you had to choose would you rather make videos to help other people become known and learn new things or would you make videos to gain Fame? :)

  4. Do you think that competitive gaming shows how good you really are because you are just using a lot of machine guns and not snipers? If you think so explain why

  5. My HD PVR is lagging everytime I record. If you know anything about what to do please help. Thanks MiDNiTE :D

  6. Guys fear dating big girls because big girls are scary to look at when they are naked. So gross. Cellulite and smell like shit.

  7. im not tryin to be nasty by no means but im a big girl and honestly most big ppl don’t really like other big ppl. it can happen but from ppl i know and how i am to put it simply fat don’t like fat lol.. but everyone is attracted to different types :)

  8. Face it! Life is not a fairy tale nor a romance or Hollywood fiction. 50% of relationships end in divorce anyway.

  9. With obesity comes an increased risk for a host of degenerative diseases from diabetes to CVD. It’s only natural for men to prefer women and for women to prefer men who are in shape.

  10. I am 40 yrs old and Full Figured. I make it very clear to men whether it be through online dating or meeting someone in person. I ONLY accept men who are non judgemental and who are willing to accept me for who I am as a woman, person, and human being. I like who I am and I am not about to change for ANY man. If a man expects me to change in ANY way. Whether it be hairstyle, makeup, fashion, or weight. If they can’t accept me for me inside and out. They aren’t worth the trouble.

  11. This is a great message to everyone and I’m glad some guys don’t care about size and weight. Im embarrassed about my body around guys but this gave me new confidence. Thank you.

  12. when he marries Someone Else, it says he doesn’t accept EVERYTHING about you….
    or me, rather.
    It said Everything to me.

  13. I’m attracted to bigger women (350 pounds and higher). I’ve never been afraid or ashamed of it. I’ve always dated big girls and have always been proud of it. My wife weighs 435 pounds and she’s incredibly sexy to me. So not all guys are afraid of big girls.

  14. Im one of those short and skinny girls and i find big girls amazing.
    They are more active than me and i lose energy faster than them…
    They got front and back in them while the skinny girls doesnt have much.
    But its mostly stupid if a big guy wants a skinny and short girl..
    They need to have someone in there own size. I wont consider it a problom if they liked eachother and so but if the big boys didnt meet one yet and want a small girl its kind of selfish.
    It is selfish to look for a

  15. No offense, but why do you have to insult small women. Some women are just built small like Selena Gomez. I’m a really big woman, but have yet to understand why some big women lash out at slim women because it looks so insecure. I am not superficial, but I do like the beastly type and the flower (pretty) boy type as well.

  16. I enjoyed this video. Im a full figured woman and have never had issues successfully dating men. In my experience, I find that men who only concern themselves with the physical attraction of their partner make up only a small percentage of men who are actually interested in pursuing a meaningful relationship with a woman. But thats only in my experience. Appearance is something you can always alter, whether it be weight, hair color, clothing style, etc but who you are never changes. No one shou

  17. Can you imagine someone forcing you to be with someone you wasn’t attracted to because he/she is nice? It would be miserable. So you have to understand where these men are coming from. He may hurt your feeling but at least they are being honest. I got tired of being a big girl so I did something about.

  18. I am currently a big women who is in the process of being smaller. (20 pounds lost so far and 30 more to go). To be honest, its hard to date a decent man when you are a big girl which sucks! It’s sucks because so many men wont even give you a chance when they see your weight and in turn lose out on a great women or even friend but as bad as it is, I totally understand. I use to think a man was wrong for not giving a big woman a chance but why should he if he is not attracted to her?

  19. I don’t have a fear a BBW.I like dating plus size women.Plus size women are often better than skinny women.I am physically attracted to all types of women.

  20. i’m a “big” girl but not fat .. and i love it .. because it’s more to love, more to grab on, and it’s more cushion for the pushin !

  21. All of u punk ass ” so called men” saying that u won’t date a phat girl or a thick girl because u aren’t attracted to them? Wtf, grow tf up and try hanging out with a thick chick, u might even like us better than them skanny skinny hoes that y’all be so in to ?!

  22. (ignore username) ok so I don’t if ppl realized this but there are more than 2 types of women not just obese and anorexic what about ppl like me who do not starve themselves or have an addiction to food. I eat when I’m hungry and if I ever get married then I will go for someone who likes ME not my tits (well he can like those to but he has to also like my personality)

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