Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Are you ready to battle with these Pokemon pick up lines in real life? Do you have master balls? Watch us use Pokemon references to pick up hot girls GET BLO…
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Penis size, texting, and large groups – Kong answers YOUR questions and tells you how to pick up girls. GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: http://tinyurl.com/cgs5rc…


48 thoughts on “Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  1. lol yeah bro but if you wanna see much better pranks then search for “LPTV Panks” they did a public fountain prank lol you will be addicted check them out

  2. lol true LMAO check out “LPTV Pranks” they also does great pranks you will get insane go check them out…..

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  4. Is the guy at the back 0:09 more awkward than two guys coming out of nowhere XD! all in a short and a tail :P .

  5. KONG: Is your wang actually small? Cause you have confidence like you have a racehorse in the stables

  6. Actually I have found the best method is to transform yourself into a horse.if you time it right you should fuck her to death within the first 30 seconds. (aka the most awkward murder scene ever investigated)

  7. If you don’t have the opportunity you could try to talk to her on fb but it’s like super lame. Talk to her in person dude.

  8. I like your old videos when you just did dares and pick up lines, but now you just make us sign up to shit and pay. The reason i come to youtube is FREE entertainment…

  9. Dude thats fine as long as you eventually meet her in person i’ve had that problem before and the only way it doesn’t die out is if you eventually meet up

  10. @SimplePickups you got on the ethic to see how girls well act towards that person, have you thought about adding a black guy to the group? are have you guys ever had after the night added up the statisic ratio ? probably you guys don’t give a fuck :)

  11. I dont use facebook to contact chicks im trying to fuck but if you use it as a method thats more successful than calling or texting them, im all eyes…

  12. I’m sorry to hear that your attempts on Facebook haven’t been as successful as mine. If you’d like, I could give you some advice on what you’re doing wrong.

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