Smoothly Number Close the HBs you approach,as Vince will show you, in this undercover footage from his intensive bootcamps in LA, his super closing sequence …
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. dude i love this guys aloofness! its seems so awkward but its not! it comes off as playful and harmless! reminds me of my style

  2. OH MY GOD HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!? haha I saw so many different people leaving sets and coming back in later just to says this
    . “im almost tempted to suggest we hang out some more..” Good frame control line.

  3. hey vince..thanks soo much for the video…really great idea to enhance my pua…i was nv able to engage in convo with random chicks..your video is really inspiring…especially ‘YOU SEEM LIKE A PRETTY COOL PERSON,I’M ALMOST TEMPTED TO SUGGEST THAT WE HANG OUT SOMEMORE. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST WAY WE CAN GO ABOUT IT’
    ive been using this phrase really often hope you wouldnt mind me biting it from you.
    GREAT RESPECT…J from sg

  4. It’s not a subliminal message. It would be more seeding an idea. For which, later on you would continue to add on to on later dates. Also, the concept would get her to visualize in one part of her mind that she could see herself in bed with him. Just like men think about it, women think about it when they’re talking to a man.

  5. I like how Vince Kelvin does a roll off (pretending to walk away) @ 5:25. This caused the girl to want him to return. This is a pretty powerful technique. It causes her to invest.

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