PICKING UP GIRLS…while their boyfriends are there

@DamianClark A clip from the Irish TV show ‘I Dare Ya’. Andrew Stanley & Damian Clark were dared by Cathy Griffin from Dublin13 to interrupt couples and try to pick up the girl.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “PICKING UP GIRLS…while their boyfriends are there

  1. ^You see this guys, this is literally the definition of an insecure punk bitch. Daddy and mommy beat you buddy? DO you need a hug? some love?

    Because you definitely don’t get that at home.

  2. “ALL they said was shit like “Hey, do you wanna get an ice cream? A drink?”

    - Are you fucking insane pussy boy?

    Did you miss the “I aint Fred Flinstone but I can make your bed rock!”
    among all the other drivel?

    Just accept it your a pussy who probably can’t punch which is why your angry that there are dudes out there who can.

  3. See, that’s where your ignorance kicked in BEYOND comprehension. Not once did these guys act disrespectful. ALL they said was shit like “Hey, do you wanna get an ice cream? A drink?” and instead of beating the shit out of the guy all you have to say is “Yo bro, it’s my GF back off alright?”. I would bet my god damn life on it that you are the biggest pussy of all. You are the type of guy that talks all this shit, losing his cool and gets HIS FUCKING ASS HANDED TO HIM in a fight. STFU pussy.

  4. clearly you’ve lost this rational debate and have been revealed to the masses as a PUSSY who’s having a bitch fit, I bet I could walk up to your mother and tell her that

    “Would your care to pour some of that breast milk into my cornflakes, Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!!!”

    and you would giggle like a bitch, high fiving me, saying ‘good one’.

    I wonder what I else I could get away with…..

  5. BECAUSE IT’S AN OBVIOUS FUCKING JOKE. And you wonder why people act hard as fuck when shit like this happens and get fucking Maui thai kicked in the face or BJJ head locked and cry like a little bitch when they rot in jail getting fucking by huge black guys while they bitch you out with your nick name “Peaches” Have fun you ignorant fuck.

  6. Sure. You’ll get to that eventually. Nothing disgusting about it. First confront the girl, then ask if he’s her boyfriend. Obviously it’s always easier to go up to groups of girls or single girls on their own…but if you feel compelled….

  7. No it’s not. If they’re not holding hands you can make a move. Just because it’s a guy and girl doesn’t mean they’re dating. Or maybe they’re brother and sister. Who knows. This was a joke though especially when they’re holding hands.

  8. Like I said before your a bitch like the dude in the video who high fived the man after basically suggesting that his girlfriend should be ‘shared’.

    Only the Indian people shooed him away, thats what I consider a weak response. what the white guys did was just pure pussyfied.

  9. 1. I’m not scared of any actions, i am just not an over-agressive person that fights FOR NO FUCKING REASON meaning = I fight when it’s the thing to do not for fucking fun

    2. Like i just said all the dude is fucking duding talking to a girl what’s to say i’m not a “Best friend” or “Friendzoned guy” how is he suppose to know??

    3.What’s my gf what to do with whores? I say this because your an overly-abusive person so you MUST attract whores


  10. proof in the pudding, is your statement.

    1. The reason you wouldn’t react is because you are intimated of the consequences of your actions = pussy.

    If a man raped your woman in front of you, you would have the stance.

    2. Your gf’s must be low quality whores if you think they would fuck 20 other guys out of boredom in your absence, yet again proof of the immoral west

    3. “Not once did the guy Touch, Kiss…”
    -abuse can b verbal. Your just a pussy, admit it, dont be shy

  11. I don’t really give a shit what a bunch of promiscuous pussies think in the same way you proabbly couldn’t give a shit about my views infact I’m happy with your derogatory remarks it widens the gap between our ideologies cus i wouldn’t want to be like one of you btw I aint Black, dumb fuck

  12. So a man being able to control himself over a mom OBVIOUSLY messing around purposely talking to your GF would classify him as a pussy? Not once did the guy Touch, Kiss, Have sex ect with none of the GF’s so what makes you so angry to the point you must punch him in the face, THEN GET CHARGED with assault and spend time in prison while your GF get’s bored and ends up fucking 10-20 other guys? See what you did there? Fucked yourself over there mr. wannabe hard ass.

  13. only a pussy white man would let another man say those things to his woman, if it were my woman i would punched him in his fucking face and continued beating his ass till his nose has fuckin broke and his face is bleeding but then again most white people ‘date’ which I guess is just a no-strings attached wife so they probably no she’s just a replaceable entity. Thank God I aint white, there promiscuous society has desensitised them to what is appropriate, no wonder swingers come from the west

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