Picking Up Girls On the Subway – Dave and Ethan

This week, we went undercover in the NY subway system to find out which pick-up lines work on women–and which do not. Visit us on the web for more info! WEBSITE: daveandethan.com FACEBOOK facebook.com TWITTER: twitter.com Filmed by Danny Macaroons (dannymacaroons.com)


25 thoughts on “Picking Up Girls On the Subway – Dave and Ethan

  1. You guys are trying to pickup a different age group compared to simplepikcup not to mention they just getting numbers, where you guys are trying to ask them out. Also, subway, not the best location lol

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  3. Well, this seems like a win-win situation, as I feel affable watching both you fine gentlemen’s videos. Maybe read Mark Twain in subway systems to, as you say, “Pick up girls”? Not to brag, but as I’ve swooned many a fine lady in my day, my works are sure to attract the pleasantries of the so-desired for ladies.

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