Pick Up Artists In Action – Daygame

www.succeedatdating.com here are some more hidden camera pickups that are featured in my brand new DVD Street Dating Revealed. Picking Up Women during the day is actually a lot easier when you have the right advice. I’m glad to have helped!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

If you’ve read the best-selling book “The Game,” then you know how they play it, but listen in as we sit down with the guys and learn their secrets to scoring women. Hosted by Jill Wilderman. TWITTER HERE twitter.com Join me on FACEBOOK HERE www.facebook.com Watch the original video here www.younghollywood.com Watch The “Mystery” of Picking Up Chicks… www.youtube.com Dating Tips from Kelley James www.youtube.com Subscribe here www.youtube.com More Young Hollywood vids www.youtube.com


48 thoughts on “Pick Up Artists In Action – Daygame

  1. @henrymarkstewart10 you are talking about avarage women who are about 6-7 stars from 10. But if you want 10-11 stars you need some skills.

  2. Again this getting numbers thing has to stop. The focus should be on getting on the spot action. Numbers come naturally if the action and chemistry is there. The truth is a woman knows if she wants to fuck a guy with in moments of meeting him. So it best to measure how much she’s into you by touching, holding hands and kissing. If you can do that with in moments of meeting her you’ve got something.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I like learning from the masters like Mystery, Style, Rasputin, Steve P, and Ross Jeffries.

  4. He’s not that smooth with his openers, DHV and false time constraints but he’s really confident. Just proves that PU is a method of science. Great vid nice work.

  5. lol i dont got to go to women they come to me the real trick is dark temptation by axe the girls at my school were all up on me

  6. MrKiljeaden89 simple!

    Overcome it by going out and experiencing it over and over. If you don’t have the balls for that, then no, you won’t overcome it.

    Not the answer you wanna hear, but, that’S the best way.

  7. i think the main thing is to be confident and maybe a bit forward …

    but seirously, who says digits and sms.
    also try this stuff in the uk …might not be as straight forward ;)

  8. Alex is not only great at pickup but he has no arrogance, is a good teacher and has a great attitude.

    I learnt so much from him. Without him i probably would never try daygame.

    Brilliant mentor

  9. I felt sick in my stomach just watching some of that….really need to get working on this stuff.

    BTW Great to see an Aussie in amongst it, we are few and far between my friend.

  10. u keep talking to her. Think of it like this logically i guess, cus I kinda think of things logically sometimes cus it helps. If u talk to her more by call, text, ask her to hang out etc. then the chance that she will want to go out with u will increase dramatically instead of u just getting her number and trying to ask her out asap. U just have do more stuff with her and u will become more important in her life instead of some guy that just got her number.

  11. whats tat guy’s name? i watched his one sarge whose a few part is included in this video.tat seducer inspires me better because he is about the street game.

  12. |My own tips..
    1) Be Confident (Posture, Eye Contact, Speak With Authority etc).
    2) Act like you don’t need them and make them prove themselves to YOU!
    3) Make them feel comfortable (comfort comes before intimacy)
    4) Demonstrate that you’re a good provider & protector (easy ways to do this)
    Best guides..
    1) Mack Methods program (best I’ve read and should be easy to find)
    2) Mystery Method (nice concepts but a bit too mechanical)

  13. @gabrieloconitrillo Not answering my comment? What the hell are you talking about? Cheating has happened through all our existence, eh? Well so has rape, aids, war, rape, and rape. Doesn’t make it any less terrible or un-justifiable. So again, fuck off and die, and if you don’t want to “answer my comment” then don’t. Make a new one instead of a reply.

  14. @sorwoggpm I don’t care either, I”m just trying to make a point for all other men that could visit this video later on. You could read a book called Sperm Wars, it explains the cruel reality of cheating men and women, of course I’m against it but it has happened through all our existance and will likely continue to happen. It isn’t a matter of sexes but how well-prepared you’d like to be to face these kind of problems. Again, not answering your comment, just defending my opinion.

  15. @gabrieloconitrillo
    “Women manipulate also, even more than men, in different ways…”
    So… you’re sexist?
    Also fuck off and die, I don’t care what you think.

  16. @sorwoggpm Developing some so-called routines aren’t manipulative at all, it’s just a name they use. I have friends who tell the same stories over and over to get some specific outcome and they don’t know anything about this. Through observation I’ve concluded that what these men teach are not techniques but natural aspects of social interaction. It can seem that way first but with time you’ll realize that it’s how things work. Women manipulate also, even more than men, in different ways…

  17. What they’re basically saying: “Be a cool/ nice/ attractive person and you’ll get chicks!”

    What they’re basically doing: “Be manipulative and you’ll get chicks!”

    We don’t need to be told the first one, and the second one is pure evil.

  18. i am personally married to a 10 due to these guys. as for people being critical: you can criticize their lifestyle and their choice of priorities all you want, but almost everyone who knows or has met these guys in the real world can vouch they are some of the most genuine people out there and have no interest in taking advantage of anyone, so try not to judge so superficially

  19. Guys,

    It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there. “The Game” by Neil Strauss started things off for me and most recently, I’ve been using the techniques from P.Box.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Step 1: Go to MackMethods. com

    Step 2: Get the “pandoras box” program

    Step 3: Use the tips and blend it in with your own twist

    Picking up girls is a skill. Educate yourself and you’ll laugh at how easy it is.

  20. these dickheads read the book THE GAME (which is about the TRUE pickup artists). One of those guys even called himself ‘Mystery’…how is actually Twice his age….LMAO

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