Pick up artist wing girls- TALK ABOUT MEN

http://www.kezia-noble.com Kezia is the worlds leading female PICK UP COACH, and has some of the best trainers on her team. Here are just 2 of her wing girs,…


19 thoughts on “Pick up artist wing girls- TALK ABOUT MEN

  1. Geez more then half the video is a bad sales pitch stating why women training them is better? I think any intelligent person would be able to figure that BOTH sexes can provide some insight into any given situation but experience is oblivious is the most important factor and truth be told guys have been chasing women…….forever.

  2. I really wish there were more British women here in Ontario… I should move to England, my family is English and the accent is very comforting to me. I will go on YouTube just to listen to the accent because I have not had a single acquaintance or friend with a British accent where I live. I don’t speak with the accent but can because I grew up with it. I miss it!

  3. here is a way to improve your relationships for women about men as-seen-on-rachel-ray.blogspot.com

  4. Lexis knows a lot about how to interact with men but you have to take in consideration there age maturity education because some people are just retards lol

  5. Hers a comment that will get some responses from women women are angry drama filled and just like being bitches to anyone long as they get everything they want where I work I’m around 70 percent women and they gossip talk shit no mater what age they are…

  6. lmao – wing girls??? If you go out with a truely drop dead gorgeous women she will intimidate 99% of the men but attract sexy women that want the wing girl – not the guy.

  7. can i tell u something kezia you are the only female pua coach who is close the the reality, most of the girls have no idea what are they talking about….

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