Pick up Artist (PUA) – Preselection

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Jon meets Cyrano De-Douchiac www.smbc-theater.com Directed by Michael Rousselet : www.5secondfilms.com DP Tomm Jacobsen Guests Sally : Lisa Foiles – @LisaFoiles Best friend: Kelsey Gunn – www.5secondfilms.com Drunk 1 Matt Melvin – www.explosm.net Drunk 2 Chris Allison – www.toonhole.com Drunk 3 Ryan Kramer – www.toonhole.com


38 thoughts on “Pick up Artist (PUA) – Preselection

  1. Is it bad that I’m into knifeplay?
    And that my girlfreind has that unicorn?
    And that my girlfriend likes to suck the horn?

  2. If….. If we sign up? Can we finally see what jame’s penis looks like?….. I need it for…. scientific purposes……..

  3. How is that a mystery? Bigger penis is better penis. Always. No exceptions. Ever. Not even when it might be… problematic.

  4. Why would a comedy sketch use music from a Korean drama film…. As much as I love SMBC, I’m sad that they did that, simply because it reminded me of the movie, which is very dark…. It just sends mixed signals. Other than that, I love SMBC.

  5. You and I understood it just fine. I was actually impressed by how coherently woven together all the disparate elements of the joke were. It hinges on prior knowledge and a certain level of education on the part of the viewer, but that has more to do with how accessible the joke was rather than how well executed.

  6. Maybe they’re making fun of multiple things in one situation. Jon is the token idiot who can’t speak to girls and resorts to pick-up tactics in his desperation. Cyrano is a purposeful contrast, the idea of an actual romantic engaging in such ridiculous un-romantic behavior shows the tactics as absurd. Sally is the unreceptive woman PUAs don’t want to believe really exists, and Best Friend is a deranged bimbo, the only type the tactics could possibly work on. Perhaps a bit too ambitious.

  7. I love SMBC Comics!…. except their last few. This one included.

    I’m not quite sure what they’re poking fun at – I can only assume they’re not trying to do so in this sketch. Because of they’re trying to poke fun at the PUA community, they’re doing a really awful job of it, since James Ashby’s portrayal would be as alien to PUAs as it is to the rest of us.

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