Pick Up Artist Mystery and his Magic Straw Trick Revealed www.PumaSkills.com

Visit www.pumaskills.com to learn how to do all the magic tricks that pick up artists like Mystery and Style have used in their game with women. Create excitement and impress girls without looking like cheesy magician. PUMA Skills puts magic in your game
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16 thoughts on “Pick Up Artist Mystery and his Magic Straw Trick Revealed www.PumaSkills.com

  1. Lol, gotta love them haters :) Listen, if your game is all good and stuff then dont watch this, and girls, youre born with the skills to decieve all men on earth, with make up, fals hair, fals tits, etc etc…PUA’s are basically copying youre female deceive skills and found out how to attrac women. So dont act like its all wrong. The art of manipulating aint all yours any more. They gave us a mind weapon and we are gonna use it everytime we can :) See you in da Field bb!

  2. Using magic isn’t going to get you the girl i fucking was god that i could act on stage with magice and i found out how lame girls think it is when trying to pick them up it is fun but is not for pick up.
    Now i dont yous magic, rutins, DHV, NEG.
    And i learned a natural game and no i close 15 to 1 minnut.
    I am not seling eanything this is my opinion!!!
    I am saying this to help you he is sucking money out.
    Study natural game the way to suces!
    Or write me i can link to the top 3/4 boks/guro.

  3. Magician = someone who decieves with skill. Magician = someone who is generally thoroughly untrustworthy.
    Don’t fall for this magic bullshit girls. I live in vegas, i know lots of magicians….and they’re all scumbags and players.

  4. 9 times out of a 100 times she aint gonna see it? that means the trick only works 9/100 thats terrible! :P

  5. very, very nice video. I have a question, mistery uses another STRAW trick in the video “Holy Grail Of PickUp” do you know that trick too?

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