Pick Up Artist: Meet Women

www.stylelife.com Neil Strauss’ Stylelife coach shows how a pick up artist meets women in field, demos a magic DHV, and reveals the mystery of the game. More vids @ http


25 thoughts on “Pick Up Artist: Meet Women

  1. wow. Amazing how dumb and obvious questions can be used as openers in the states. Back here in Norway, it’s like telling her HI I AM BRAD AND I AM SO DESPERATE.. Lame

  2. But he didnt engage the group, now they view him as a threat and will inevitably prove a block later in the set, even if she’s interested.

  3. cool. I wish I had the balls to talk girls like that. She seemed pretty into it. I dunno if she was just tipsy or not but I didn’t think it’d be that easy to strike up conversation like that.

  4. her group was totaly nothing .. cause when u asked .. she is the only one that she answerd thats good advantage cause u isolate the others and u took her down alone … and great one here 2 when u asked a nice person should intrdused his self.. and she oh sorry lol im lisa .. nice pick up :)

  5. He changed his position to get her to put her back to her friends and seperate her from that pack.  Good move…

  6. he shouldn’t repeat the girls response back to her. it makes it look like he has nothing better to say so he buys time by repeating her. it lowers his value.

  7. She was obviously ready to make out with this dude from the get-go. She was even keeping herself directly in front of him as he was side-stepping. I’m assuming he was trying to get into a less threatening position but I think she was actually enjoying his close proximity. As she was talking to him she maintained constant eye contact and kept taking quick glances down at his lips as he would talk. She definitely wanted to kiss already. His attraction game was all he needed in this rare case.

  8. This guy did pretty well, overall.. but instead of saying “Can I ask you a question?” I would have said, “Hey, who do you think lies more…”

  9. I think I just saw how to effectively use an opinion opener. Instead of focusing on it I should have used it strictly to open and then move on just like Bravo did here.

  10. Chris Rock said it best.

    Men tell little lies and more of them. “I’ll be home before midnight.”

    Women tell fewer lies, but they are big lies.
    “You’re the father.”

  11. by not introducing herself and then she says sorry then he calls himself bravo and she asks why they call you bravo then he claps making her smile and laugh this is pure genius theres so much going on here its not even funny lol

  12. opener is the question who do you think lies more girls or guys funny how he switched it up that was smooth lol…hmm the question when he asks so you werent sneaky ? he def sets her up and she fell for it and he played on it by saying you have a good girl face but a bad girl (something couldnt hear it lol) this is called cold reading then hes prizing by trying to get her to show him shes not bad so hes getting her to impress him and then he throws it off by makin her feel guilty

  13. Man, this line has been overused so many times “Who cheats more, guys or girls?” It won’t work in today’s times, 2010.

  14. Well, he got a bit past “the open.” I thought the “open” was the inital thing you say to start the interaction – then you go “in set” (if more than 1 HB set), which he did here, got her talking at least

  15. good girl face and bad girl what? im hearing figure, i cant make it out :S ive tried this opener many times but have trouble continuing after

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