Pick Up #2 : Nicolas Dolteau kiss a girl In 30min in the street

[FrenchPickUp] – Infield pickup videos in english of PUA “Nicolas Dolteau”. In this video, the PUA Nicolas Dolteau Kiss a girl 30 minutes after meeting her up in the street.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Pick Up #2 : Nicolas Dolteau kiss a girl In 30min in the street

  1. My big two signs here are (1) letting me being close enough to kiss her (without moving my feets) and being relax with this ; and (2) giving me strong eye contact.

    The number one above is my golden sign AND being isolated, but here this box is already ticked.

  2. you seemed to have not physically escalated during conversation. But what have you seen to that woman that you can kiss her? Did she show some indicators of interest to be able to be kissed? what are the important signs for men referring to a kiss ?

  3. Le fait est… L’accent Français est un petit avantage bien agréable.
    Tu assures! Continue comme ça! J’ai pas mal appris, notamment de la manière de poser des kino. Merci!

    note : Tu inventes toi même toutes tes phrases à l’impro ou tu prévois certaines à l’avance?

  4. Valid Point here not many people mentionned on his vids. The guy looks damn good (especially for french guys standard).

    If he was looking like “the average (french) joe”, I doubt he would have that much success at all .

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