Physical Distance

A few nice relationship advice images I found:

Physical Distance
relationship advice

Image by nomsaleena
"Not having someone that you care about close to you, especially when you might need them for emotional support (or a hug!) can be tough. If you are feeling this way, you might ask for a hug from another friend or family member. Even though it’s not the same, it can sometimes be a good substitute until next time you meet up."

@ Guirou3 …. Vol Plane
relationship advice

Image by gmayster01 on & off …
Guy is an exceptional human being
A friend
When I was in the dumps about the end
of my relationship with Muse ….
Gave me strong advice
" go head first into the wind … better to dry your tears "
Don,t pity pot !
My abstractum set is dedicated to this outstanding individual and photographer
merci pour tout cher Guy


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