Online Dating Tips How to be successful with online dating and other dating tips for women. Get free online dating advice from dating expert, JJ Smith.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 In this video professional male image consultant and dating expert aaron marino talks about the pros and cons of Internet dating. Many dating experts are helping men try to pick up women, but they are missing out on the best and most comfortable option….online! Internet dating is a great way to meet and date a wide variety of single individuals.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Online Dating Tips

  1. How can you tell if a guy is gay trying to be a girl online most of us dont date on the webste couse you could be runing into old people online or you could be talking to a 13 year old girl trying to look older

  2. Ladies! Has your relationship taking a hit due to all of your man’s attention going to sports? Visit our channel for some helpful tips and advice!

  3. “I help guys get laid” DUDE you are doing this video in a suit, in YOUR BEDROOM. Guys if you are taking advice from him, you must be EXTREMELY desperate. GROSS

  4. LYZA IS SO HOT. Three weeks ago I registered at this site bit.lyMms38J.And I met Lyza. Shis my age, single, shis very hot girl, and we are going out for one week now. I feel really lucky that I registered at this dating site.

  5. …Btw, there is nothing ignorant/hypocrital about me. I wear two earrings b/c I’m a woman therefore I can! I don’t my man to do it If that bothers u, oh well. I’m just letting u know the perceptions that r out there when, again, these type of decisions r made.

  6. It’s not a stereotype. Lol. One earring is fine. However, from a woman’s & a man’s, standpoint two is too much. It’s unattractive. I’ve encountered men who wear clear nail polish & do other things that feminize them & that man can b confused 4 being gay. Now, I’m not saying that this man is gay. I have no idea. But, that’s the risk men like him, or ureself, take make these kind of decisions…cont’d

  7. U said, “How can you tell if a girl is fat on the internet? She only has face pictures. lol.”

    That’s NOT true! I have face pics, but I’m no means face. Stop the generalizations. My face pic has no double chins, or fat cheeks. A lean face usually means a lean body. I’ve seen face pics of men who have lean faces and that usu translates late to a lean body and vica versa.

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