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“Bing Necklace 1″ of Recycled Aluminum Cans ~ 2 of 2 photos
the pick up artist

Image by Urban Woodswalker
Continued from last photo….

Necklace made of various aluminum cans, and 1 red pull tab. The charms are backed in EVA foam and the necklace is light as a feather.

This is just about my fav thing made this year. I have ADD and it sums up what my brain deals with every day. I named it "Bing" after those new TV search engine commercials …I absolutely love that ad campaign about our 21st century society and information overload. It doesn’t take much to over load me…but I have had nearly 53 years of practice now.

I pick up aluminum cans off the streets, and out of trash bins, bring home and wash throughly. Then I create something of value with them.
Thank you for blogging about my necklace Bead Dreamer!…


the pick up artist

Image by Mickie Quick
This giant bookmark for our giant book of prints, a bit of a joke to make our folder look like a giant book, since all our neighbours were selling books, an we, oddly were selling big prints off of a table.

The scarf was retrieved the previous night from the street, where it had just fallen from a drunk Swiss soccer fan on his way home from watching the nation’s team play in the World Cup. He was too drunk to be aware of a whole bunch of people calling after him that he dropped his scarf. Only slightly tipsy from an evening out in Basel, Mickie then picks it up and adorns it himself!

Art Basel – Off Press – 2010


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