Nice Pickup Artists photos

A few nice pickup artists images I found:

60-365 year2 No One Was Hurt in the Taking of This Photo
pickup artists

Image by johngarghan
Take a photo every day in 2010
After our Solihull Live Brief meeting this evening a group of us continued a chat and a coffee in the Café, I suddenly noticed a photo opportunity, the ceiling of the reception has a nice mirrored surface. I took a few shots, but really wanted to experiment with some taken while I was on the ground, I looked around and as everyone in the building was in the theatre I got on the floor, within a short time the doors from the theatre opened and the audience came out for the intermission, a few came over thinking I had collapsed.

This Time Last Year…
I found another Volkswagen camper but instead of a van this one has an unusual pickup body

Big Hungry
pickup artists

Image by Dread Pirate Jeff
Another sweet 4×4 that rode along in the Fan Fair parade. This thing just looked mean. Mean and hungry. And by hungry, I mean it wants to eat things like my Miata.

The CMA Music Festival is a 4-day music festival centered around country music hosted each June by the Country Music Association in Nashville, Tennessee.[1] Begun in 1972 as Fan Fair, the event now draws over 400 artists and celebrities who hold autograph sessions and perform in one of the many concerts offered throughout the festival. Over 191,000 fans from around the world attended the 2007 CMA Music Festival.


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