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pick up artists

Image by Tim McFarlane
This past Monday, I met up with an acquaintance of mine at a house he and his wife own that has two apartments in it. One of his tenents died in January and left a whole bunch of artwork and art books behind. I was invited to rummage through the books and take what I wanted. These are a few of what I picked out and took to the studio. There are a couple more at home.

The apartment still had a ton of stuff in plastic bags and boxes and a whole room that was used as a studio full of supplies, sketchbooks, and art.

Even knowing that it was ok to take the books, it still felt a little odd going through someone’s posessions in the place they so recently lived in.

biggest fan
pick up artists

Image by Chris Blakeley
A fan waits to be picked up by the pick-up artist at the Pink Door.

Kristi and Bill
pick up artists

Image by doctorsinatra
Snow White is blackened by The Pick Up Artist.


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