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A few nice pick up artist images I found:

BT Artbox – Lifeline
pick up artist

Image by Karen Roe
The BT Artbox Story
The good old British phone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate King
George V’s Silver Jubilee.
This year we’ve got a Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 to look forward to, so we decided we needed to do something to celebrate.
That something turned into BT ArtBox. It’s a campaign that thrives on the nation’s artistic talent.
Across London’s streets you’ll find replicas of the Gilbert Scott phone box, transformed by the
imaginations of some of our very best creative minds.
Then later on we’ll be auctioning all the boxes off to raise money for ChildLine’s 25th anniversary.

Artist: Hannah Monteiro for ChildLine
Location: Museum of Childhood

The phone box is the child who calls ChildLine.
It can be anyone and about anything, hence the mirror in the life ring, when you look at this you can see a picture of yourself. The front of the box is weathered and covered in rocks, stones and sand. This represents how some young people get to the bottom of despair before they pick up the phone. The words on the box represent some of the feelings thoughts and emotions children use to describe that point. Right on the bottom of the front of the box there is a message in the bottle – this will be filled and sealed with the stories of children who have anonymously called childLine.
The back of the phone box represents what happens when a child reaches out for the lifeline that is ChildLine. By reaching up for the ring they start to repair themselves and are repainted shiny and new.


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